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For anyone who hasn’t given me their email and wants to hear from me while I’m in Perú, please give it to me. Can’t wait to see all you guys coming to my farewell tomorrow! 😄 I fly out early Tuesday morning and I’ll be back in 2016. I know you love my posts, but this will be one of my last few for a while. (There might be a few pictures tomorrow, and maybe some posted by my sisters while I’m gone) So until 2016, STAY GOLDEN, CALIFORNIA✌️🐻

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Jayda Harrison. I’m nominating @breecaii @jesssieloveeee and @reanadutton . I’m also going to donate money to The International ALS Foundation and so should you. The ice is only to raise awareness. Now let’s help us further research for ALS and help find a cure. Also, California is in a drought, so I made sure to mop all the ice water into the pool.

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